WWF Charity Credit Card

WWF Charity Credit CardIn a modern society, almost everyone has a credit card. Why? Well, first and foremost, it’s more convenient. With a credit card, you would no longer bear the burden of bringing and counting money. Second, a credit card is safer compared to bringing big amounts of cash. If you accidentally misplace your wallet or if it gets stolen, you can simple call the credit card company and ask them to block your credit card. Lastly, with a credit card, you can help the environment.

WWF is growing popular nowadays. But first, what is WWF? The World Wide Fund for Nature is a non government organization. This international organization aims to help beautify, maintain and enrich our environment. For sure you are all familiar with the panda logo of the WWF. That being said, the WWF is also concerned with the protection of wild animals. They particularly give importance to endangered species as much as they do to the environment.

The WWF is working with several companies in order to gather enough funds to make their vision a reality. Among the participating companies are: Coca Cola, Canon, Nokia and many others.

WWF Credit Card is the best way to help raise ample funds to help the environment without additional cost to you. Could that get any better? In fact, during the 2008 Prestigious Card Awards, the WWF credit card got the title as the best Charity Credit Card. The WWF is a part of the MBNA Charity Credit Cards. Together, they garner funds that would be properly allocated. Every time a buyer purchases using his WWF credit card, a portion would be donated to the said organization. Aside from that, the card has the following additional benefits:
There is no annual fee that would be charged.
50 days free of interest
During the first 90 days from the time your account is opened, 0% for 12 months in balance transfers

Apply for a WFF Charity Credit Card

Now that you know that you can help the world with just a swipe of your credit card, why don’t you apply now? It’s that simple! Just buy things you like, and you get to save the lives of thousands of endangered animals.