RSPCA Charity Credit Card

RSPCA Charity Credit Card

Dog is man’s best friend. Then why are they being harmed? Why are they considered as special delicacy? Buffalos and Bulls are very helpful in transportation and agriculture. So why are they made to fight one another? Afterwards, people are still not contented and we kill them. After that, people are still not yet satisfied, they just had to get their skin and turn them into leather. Is this why God created animals for? To be tortured by the humans? To be our poor servants who get absolutely less than what they deserve?

Animals are beings which are capable of feeling. In fact, people are also considered as animals, only that people are the highest form since they are capable of interacting and thinking logically. But that does not mean that anyone can do anything they want to animals. One, it violates the essence of life. Two, everyone is equal in God’s eyes. Some people understand this, while others don’t. Some are simply apathetic about the things that are happening to animals. Thus, certain individuals joined together and formed what we now call RSPCA. What is this RSPCA?

The RSPCA is also known as the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. It is an undeniable fact that some people are hurting animals without actually thinking that they do. Thus, the RSPCA aims to spread information, knowledge and awareness especially to these people. But in order to be able to carry that out, funds are needed. Up until this moment, the organization depends on donations from the people. But in order to gather more income to efficiently carry out their plans, they have decided to work together with the MBNA Credit Cards Company. By joining forces, they have given birth to the RSPCA Credit Card.

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Since most people are very busy to help in the actual projects, they have decided to ask the aid of the private sector financially. This is a very effective way to gather funds because the individuals who applied for this card do not need to pay for anything. They just have to use it every time they make a transaction and they can already make a difference.