Dogs Trust Charity Credit Card

Dogs Trust Charity Credit CardDog Trust, an organization that is aiming to maintain and flourish historical interest or national beauty, is the one behind this. The organization is currently concentrated in the United Kingdom, but hopefully, it would gain enough support both financial and through participation to allow it to expand worldwide. In fact, in the United Kingdom, it is already one of the biggest organizations in terms of both assets and income.

Of course, in order to get ample funds, the organization must think of ways in order to garner such funds. One of the best ways it has devised is through the Dog Trust Credit Cards. With this credit card, the people are encouraged to participate and be one with the vision of the organization. That is because this method does not require an individual to directly donate. There are no additional charges in using this credit card. So, how exactly can you contribute when you apply and use this credit card?

A portion of every purchase will be donated to the said charity foundation. Aside from that, every year that your account is open, a small amount of money will be donated to the Dog Trust. Though it may seem that the money donated to the organization is infinitesimal, the accumulated amount is actually surprisingly sufficed. Through the help of the Dog Trust Charity Credit Card, participating stores and other establishments, the program had been successful so far. Oh wait, let us not forget you! Of course without you, this would not be possible. Aside from being able to contribute to the betterment of the world at the macro level, there are a number of benefits which you can enjoy with the use of the Dogs Trust Credit Card.

Apply for a Dog Trust Charity Credit Card

For as long as 12 months, you will get to enjoy 0% interest on balance transfers
Enjoy interest free purchases for as long as three months